Discography MMXIII

by Mother Network

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all material released during 2013, plus a few extra goodies. this is the end of a beta test , no more demos, no more partial discographies, the network is returning with full vigor very soon and at maximum power-in full form. let this be a warning. second stage complete.

Tracks 1-2: Unreleased Instrumental Demos
Tracks 3-6: Memory Cartridge (EP)
Tracks 7-10: The Echo of Impermanence (EP)
Tracks 11-21: Neocasket V: Eternal Beast (Demo 2013)
Tracks 22-23: System Failure (Remastered Single)


released July 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Mother Network Las Vegas, Nevada

A vow to protect the future. Las Vegas based progressive/experimental cybergrind and nintendocore artist.

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Track Name: Leo Convoy
Smashed that shit, call in the cavalry, his courage is palpable
Leo convoy, hes the hero, oh yeah, he's the heart of our pride!

But can he get the job done?
In time to save us all?

Leo Convoy, he's got what it takes to make us proud
(Am I but a witless joke, murmured under the breath of eternal muse
To never reach my desired pillar of accomplishment)

One day, I will take what is mine

But, until then, lower the gates, let the lion out of his den
A time of celebration nears
All will be well in time friends

Our savior is here
And as we wave goodbye, say a prayer for the warrior in you
Track Name: Invoking the Beast Within (ft. Scavenger, Invader!)
Drawn to the call of heroes long since past, steal tempered animality
I'm fucking feral, tooth and nail until the bitter end

Man battles beast time and time again
Each confrontation a net loss for both sides

Time and time again the balance converges into blind fury


fading into inner-destruction, a place between here and complacency inside this marooned existence


Mutual destruction in which seclusion isn't an option


such horrors never touch surface until confound restraint enables the inner machine to destroy everything
forever shattering the innocence that you've bound yourself to eternally


Harmonize the soul within, the balance tipped in ever our favor
Find the totem and extract your doubt
Humility restored, not deterred

Peace mars the soul upon forcing entry
And seals its protection forever
Track Name: Scrap Brain Zone
The fact of the matter is, I can't sustain this facade much longer
I'll pick myself up each time, right back up from the grounds you threw me on
Just for you to watch me squirm, and look me in the eyes to cement my failure

What do you want from me?
To be torn to bits, thrown to the scrap?
My brain littered all over walls?

I'll do my best to save you, you'll do your best to taunt me
Track Name: Empire of Flames
Dead march forth in waves, to the beat of my drum
Slaves long since defleshed still rise to my beckoning
Imperial power cast upon the land, anchored to my prize

Anchored to my needs, and my wants, only my desires remain paramount
I'll take everything from you, without consequence
I am the motherfucking God of this dynasty

Built on the backs of the dead, my imprisoned monstrosities
This empire of flames is your only way out
Your only chance of redemption in your infinite failure

You can always continue
You will always continue

(Do you hear that?
Shambling . . .
In the darkness, behind us . . .)

You'd better be running for your fucking life
Tripping over every trapped layed before you
Outgunned, overrun, and didn't you think we would come?

Hordes of fiends shoving past each other for another taste
Another taste of life once loved

Maybe In time you will find your beloved exit
But not until Ive had my way with you
Track Name: Tomb of Dreams
Imprisoned and distended from realms of physicality
Deader than passed time and memories buried in fantasy
There will never be a nexus recalling me to permanent retainment

Nightmares made flesh, if my seal were to be broken
Spoken by words of my rite-seekers
A ritual most unnatural
Track Name: Beyond the Faith of Man
These evils have surpassed comprehension
Rape of futility and universal scorn
The echo of impermanence reigns down upon the end of all
Recursive surroundings rebounded into absurdity
Cyclic exascerbation
Track Name: Relinquished Into Eternity
Transcending in opposing fringes of reality
To be cast from creation is an awful thing
To be castigated from consciousness is penultimate damnation
Ripped to shreds, relinquished into eternity
Track Name: I Have Returned (ft. The Godspeed Process)
Genesis of hate, emanating my corrosive infection within this dimension
Wretched, twisted failure of God, unmaking particle foundations
Humanity is fucked, lost to the ravages of fractures

Nothing is safe from this caustic diffusion
Broken down to our building blocks, then returned to heat death


Know me and head my name, call me the destroyer
The bringer of rage, as I devour all that you may create

Know me as the harbinger of everything you know
Crashing down around you, forever along the walls of your frail fucking heart

Damage done and fates changed but I'm still here
And who's to fucking blame?
And who's to be put to shame?


Putrification petrification of all things
Spiral unto nothingness that we become
Exiled to infinity